When you need to diagnose damage with speed & ease, you turn to the Matrix Wand. Learning how to use the tool should be no different. Our new training platform is currently in development and will allow you to become certified and start using the Matrix Wand system in a flash. The new platform will offer official training certificates, iCAR points, usage reports and more. Check back here for updates and release information.


Below you will find video tutorials that walk you through a wide range of topics from initial system setup to advanced measuring techniques. If something isn't covered, feel free to reach out to

Chapter 1
Introduction to The Matrix Wand System
Chapter 2
Underhood XYZ Comparative Measuring
Chapter 3
Rear XYZ Comparative Measuring
Chapter 4
Vehicle Matched XYZ Underhood Comparative
Chapter 5
Opposite Side- Same Side XYZ Comparative
Chapter 6
Predictive Wheel Alignment Strut & Knuckle
Chapter 7
Underbody Front Suspension
Chapter 8
Working with Reports and the Data Library

frequently asked questions

General Information
How is the Matrix Wand system shipped? 
Your Wand system comes wrapped and secured in a custom-built crate that is delivered to your shop's doorstep.
Who do I contact for technical support, troubleshooting or replacement parts?
If you require support, call the Matrix team at 800.424.8023 or email
Using the Matrix Wand
Can I go back and select additional data points on a vehicle if necessary?
Yes. Because the image is saved to the Fenderbolt Software, it can be accessed on any occasion. Because the data points are selected digitally, they can be revised or added to with a simple click of the cursor.
When do I use auto markers to mark points?
Auto markers do not have to be used with the Matrix Wand. If you decide to use auto markers to mark points, they should be used before capturing an image and should be used for visual aid.
General Care
How should I store my Matrix Wand?
Take careful note of how your wand is packaged in its Pelican™ Case upon delivery. The best position to ensure the wand is secure in the case is with the screens facing up. If you purchased the optional blueprinting station, you will notice it comes with a protective cover. Once the system is uncovered, you may place the wand on the hooks located under the monitor. To protect your wand, we encourage you to store it in the Pelican™ Case during periods of non-use. The Matrix Wand and all its components should be stored in a dry location of your shop.
How long can the batteries last on a charge?
When the Wand is in constant use, a charge may last 2 days (on average). The system includes two extra batteries which are fully charged and always available to be switched out.
How do I replace the batteries in my Matrix Wand?
Open the battery door and release the lever holding the battery. It is important to note that the batteries will only fit one way and they should not require much force to install. The wand comes with two sets of batteries and two chargers to ensure you are never waiting for a charged set. The wand’s automatic shutoff feature will power down the wand after 10 minutes of being idle.
Do I have to power the Matrix Wand on each time I use it?
Yes. To reduce battery consumption, it is recommended to power the Wand on/off between uses. If idle for 10 minutes, the Wand will automatically shut off.
How do I clean the lenses?
Before each use, the wand should be inspected for dust and smudges on both lenses. To remove the lens cap, simply pinch the cap and remove. By tilting the wand back and forth in the reflection of the light, you can easily identify any smudges on the lens itself. To prevent scratches, it is important to blow off any debris before cleaning the lenses. Using a clean lens cloth, wipe the lens in a circular motion.
How do I reset the date and time on my Matrix Wand?
Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to change the date and time on your Matrix Wand. (First generation wand only)
What is Fenderbolt™?
Fenderbolt™ is a cloud-based measuring software which uses photogrammetry to output three-dimensional measurements. By uploading static images of collision damage into the software, infinite measuring data points can be selected from that image. This allows infinite measuring across the entirety of the vehicle and includes measuring through solid objects.The Matrix Wand, powered by Fenderbolt™, provides collision repair professionals with reliable and accurate measurements as they repair vehicles back to safe, OEM standards. The software, integrated with the Mitchell Reference Database, compares points to factory specifications. Fenderbolt™ is required to collect data from the Matrix Wand.
What database does the Fenderbolt™ Software use?
The Fenderbolt™ Software is equipped with its own proprietary data, as well as Mitchell Reference Data for more than 24,000 vehicle makes and models, ranging from 1994 models to current models. The Matrix Wand can also be used to create your own reference data. This can be done by collecting side-by-side comparative data from the undamaged side of the vehicle you are working on, or by collecting data from an undamaged or properly repaired vehicle of identical make and model.
What comes as part of the software licensing agreement?
Technical support (by phone or on-site), quarterly updates to the Mitchell Reference Database and quarterly updates to the Fenderbolt™ Software.
Can I create my own data in the Fenderbolt Software?
Yes. If Mitchell Reference Data is unavailable, the Matrix Wand can be used to measure the undamaged side of the vehicle to create side-by-side comparative data. Also, if an undamaged or properly repaired vehicle of the same make & model is readily available, the Wand can be used to measure it and collect reference data. These data points can be stored to the Fenderbolt Software; therefore, an undamaged or properly repaired vehicle should only have to be measured once for its reference data.
Can I store data in the Fenderbolt Software?
Yes. An infinite number of images and their measurement data can be saved to the Fenderbolt Software. Each customer's vehicle data can also be saved as a "project," for ease of reference and to keep record of the vehicle's history.
Calibration Board
Does the calibration board have to be in each image?
Yes, the calibration board must be in each image so the system can calibrate properly.
How should I care for my calibration board?
The calibration board is critical to the accuracy of your Matrix Wand. It is important that you store your calibration board in a safe location and use extreme care when handling the board. Any physical damage, discoloration, or staining can compromise the accuracy of your measurements and therefore the safety of repairs. Calibration boards should be stored on the side of your cart using the magnetic hooks.
How do I clean my calibration board?
If your calibration board gets dirty, simply wipe it down with a water-based cleaner.


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